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What Christmas Means To Me

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Merry Christmas


Artist & Author

Lee Holloway

Album: Spiritual Recitations






Christmas lights, commercializing, exchanging material gifts, or having parties doesn't symbolize Christmas to me, nor buying those things one cannot afford,

For on Christmas day I have to use my time to talk with my Lord.


The C reminds me of CHRIST who was born in a manger,

To those who believe this little CHILD was no stranger.


The H reminds me of HEAVEN where my Lord has prepared my HEAVENLY resting place,

The H also reminds me of a HOME filled with love where everyone has a smiling face.


The R reminds me of all the RELIGIONS of the world,

The R also reminds me that God does not RECOGNIZE RELIGIONS but believers as beautiful flowers whirl.


The I reminds me of my INHERITANCE, promised by God and the IMAGINATION  of my mind,

The I also reminds me of the IMPORTUNITY of prayer, the INCENTIVES of good works, and the INDEPENDENCE of God's love that's so kind.


The S reminds me of the SINCERITY, the STEWARDSHIP, and the SPIRIT Jesus has to give,

The S also reminds me of the SUN, created by God and under God's control to give us light and energy so we can watch his creations live.



The T also reminds me of the TREE OF LIFE, THE TREASURES God gives me, the TRUST I have in my Savior and that the TRUTH in God's word is real.


The M reminds me of MARY, MOTHER of Jesus, the 205 MIRACLES found in the Bible, the MANGER and the MISSIONS God wants us to complete,

The M also reminds me of MATTHEW, MARK, A MARRIAGE MADE in Heaven, the MORALITY OF MAN, MANNA given by God and of the MESSIAH, love that can be so sweet.


The A reminds me of ANGELS, the ANOINTING of the Spirit, our ADVOCATE Jesus Christ and the ANGER of God caused by man's idolatry, disobedience, error, unbelief, and sin,

The A also reminds me of ADAM, ABRAHAM, the APOSTLES, and with Christ you will ALWAYS win.


The last S in Christmas reminds me of my SALVATION, the SCRIPTURES to read, the SECOND coming of Jesus Christ, and the SEVEN SAYINGS of Jesus from the cross,

The last S in Christmas also reminds me of the SKY, an expanse of Heaven, the SABBATH, the SACRAMENT, the SONGS about my SAVIOR, of SIN, and of the SINNERS who knows not Christ which could be our loss.


This is what Christmas means to me and has all of my life,

My prayer to God is to thank Him for my Salvation, the Second Coming of His Son Jesus Christ and my God fearing wife.




Copyright:       Lee Holloway














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